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Life & Soul Pictures, a UK-based film production company, has a slate of high-profile international projects. Led by Martyn Auty, with 18 film/TV credits and 30 years of production experience. The team has experience in film development, screenwriting, law and finance. Between them the team speaks six languages fluently.

Christopher Hampton about our project: ‘I felt it a privilege…’

‘Rick was an adventurer and a bit of a rogue, one of those Englishmen like Lawrence of Arabia who could only come into his own far away from England…’

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‘Royal Blood’ Writers’ Room in Moscow

Martyn travelled to Moscow to meet with the Sputnik Vostok team in their writers’ room for our upcoming co-production, historical TV drama ‘Royal Blood’.

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‘Heart of a Soldier’ Research in Florida

Sara travelled to Florida to meet Fred and Kathy McBee and Pat Hill for our upcoming project ‘Heart of a Soldier’, which is currently being written by Academy Award Winner Christopher Hampton.

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A Cricket Success Story

Sara and writer O’neil Sharma travelled to Essen to meet Brian Mantle of the DCB, and Arif Jamal, an Afghan refugee, for our upcoming project ‘Rites of Passage’. Sara and O’neil watched a team that consists mainly of refugees play a game that could not seem more out of place in football-crazy Germany: Cricket.

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Current Projects

Heart of a Soldier

A feature film about the extraordinary story of soldier and hero Rick Rescorla, Vietnam veteran and Morgan Stanley security director, who lost his life on September 11. Written by Academy Award winner Christopher Hampton, based on the book of that name by Pulitzer Prizewinner James B Stewart.

Royal Blood

George V and Nicholas II are destined to become rulers of Europe’s two strongest powers, but for now the two youngsters are on vacation in Denmark, at their grandparents’ royal retreat. The last summer they’ll spend together as boys, after which the two princes will never be the same again.

Mr Ping Pong

Mr Ping Pong is a 90 minute feature film, exploring the extraordinary true story of Ivor Montagu, an eccentric English aristocrat, film-maker, and life-President of the International Table Tennis Federation. Filled with drama, sport and comedy which will be shot in London and China.