Our new project “Heart of A Soldier” is a true-life feature chronicling war hero Rick Rescorla’s journey, from saving the lives of fellow soldiers in Vietnam, to rescuing 2,700 people at the World Trade Center on 9/11. Based on Pulitzer Prize winner James B Stewart’s book of the same name, and adapted by Academy Award winner Christopher Hampton, it is an extraordinary story of war, love, and friendship, celebrating true courage and heroism.

Rick was an adventurer and a bit of a rogue, one of those Englishmen like Lawrence of Arabia who could only come into his own far away from England, a poet and would-be screenwriter, a dreamer, but, at the same time, a rigorously professional soldier; and, relatively late in life, he found his ideal partner and a stretch of real love and happiness. And essentially, it seemed to me, he was a rescuer, someone whose truest fulfilment came from saving lives: as he saved, in Vietnam, where he had volunteered to fight in a war he soon understood to be cruelly misguided, the life of the man who had become his closest friend, Dan Hill, and several hundred American soldiers, in another daringly unauthorised initiative.

Once this basic quality of his had come into focus, I was able to reduce the long series of events that constitutes a man’s life to two essential spheres: Vietnam and the destruction of the World Trade Center: perhaps the two most devastating events of recent American history. Rick’s foresight, diligence, and downright heroism shone in both these theatres – and I felt it a privilege to spend a few months in his company” – says Mr. Hampton.