Last week Sara travelled to Florida to do some script research for our project “Heart of a Soldier”.

“Heart of a Soldier” is Life & Soul’s first big budget movie which Academy Award winner Christopher Hampton (Dangerous Liaisons, Atonement) is currently adapting from the book of the same name by Pulitzer Prize winner James B Stewart. It is a true-life story of how two soldiers – British Rick Rescorla and American Dan Hill, who fought together in Africa and Vietnam – forge a lifelong friendship.

The film is a celebration of courage and heroism whose final chapter takes place on 11 September 2001 when Rick Rescorla saved the lives of 2700 people in the World Trade Center only to sacrifice his own.

Sara met up with Fred and Kathy McBee in Tampa. Fred is one of Rick’s oldest and best friends, who studied writing with Rick in Oklahoma and was able to tell Sara more about Rick’s private and personal life.

Sara then drove up to St. Augustine, where she met with Dan Hill’s widow Pat Hill. Over a lunch Pat shared some insights in Dan’s life outside the military and as a family person.